Why Woodside is Such a Gem of the Australian Stock Market Exchange (WPL)

Perth is not the head quarter city for any large number of the world’s most exciting companies, but Woodside, a leading member of the Australian stock market community, is a worthy exception. Woodside has a market capitalization of over $20 billion, and has been in the vital business of oil and gas exploration and production for over half a century. Woodside brings quintessential Aussie characteristics of grit and enterprise with a sense of fun as well, to the dour world of fossil fuels.

From Perth to the world: no stock market analyst or professional can fail to be impressed by the wide spread of Woodside’s business activities, which covers Japan, Singapore, Africa, the Middle East and the United States, apart from its home country. It has a rather handsome product portfolio spanning both crude as well as various gas products. The company’s natural reserves are estimated at an equivalent of well over a billion barrels of oil. Clearly, the company is a long term and major player on the world scene.

The stock market knows Woodside for diligent research in to new technology areas, and expects a number of future initiatives in the area of alternative energy from the enthusiastic band of over 3 thousand people who comprise the human resource element of this forward looking company. The explosive growth for the product lines in which Woodside has traditional strength augurs well for the company, and it is certainly a stock market star to watch!