People Power and Stock Performance (Part 2)

– Regulators can make or break the best ideas. This matters most in all stocks that deal with life. The Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency play gods of health care and food stocks. They clear drugs for market, which are later found to have toxic side-effects. They allow brands on shelves which do not tell you that genetic engineering may find its way in to your child’s tummy. You may think that a new drug discovery will make millions, only to learn later, at your cost, that it has failed to make the grade in a clinical trial. Chemical pesticides, on the other hand, continue to generate cash because the government has determined that we need them. Back stocks that have unstinted regulatory support.

– Stock value hides under the skirts of celebrity angels. Tuberculosis and malaria may kill more Africans than AIDS, but Bill Clinton backs generic retroviral producers. Bill Gates backs this public health issue as well. Google has invested in hydrogen fuel cells, but not as yet in wind or solar power. Always look for stocks that are endorsed by influential people.

Lifecycle Analysis to Find Durable Stock Value

How could we have known that the chocolates we love are made with cocoa produced by African child labor? That also applies to branded sneakers made in sweat shops around the world! A popular US President gets to pardon up to eight turkeys, but how do you know whether the calf beneath your last steak, and its mother, were treated well before slaughter?

Hey, it is the Environmental Scanning gig, not us, that opened this can of worms! Lifecycle Analysis is a technique that any business can use to unearth facets of its operations of which stock owners may not approve – if they know! The technique takes time and effort, but does not cost money. You can use the method to unlock hidden aspects of popular stocks. We have started work on a guide entitled “Lifecycle Analysis for Top Stock Picks”. Please bookmark this web page to access our findings. You can also join our forum and ask for a custom alert when our work is published. Do also join our community in a discussion on green business. What color is your portfolio? Have you found a way to locate profitable green business stocks? Do you have other suggestions of our Environment Scanning team? Give us a hand as we try hard to research subjects that matter to you. Start posting today!