Why India’s Stocks Deserve Your Attention (Part 2)

World Bank support for India does not mean that this professional institution of top economists is oblivious to the challenges which India faces. Health care, education, infrastructure, agriculture, and energy, are some priority areas on which the country has to focus for its continued growth. The benefits of growth have also to percolate to lower strata of society, and extend to relatively undeveloped parts of the country. These focus areas provide leads for global investors who want to pick the best Indian stocks.

The Long Buffer Table of Top Stocks in India

The Bombay Stock Exchange alone, which is not the only place where stocks can be listed in India, offers more than six thousand securities, and experiences some 25 million transactions on a typical working day. New investors, attracted by the country’s spectacular growth, can be overwhelmed by the endless repast of delectable stocks available for investment in India. Fortunately, the stock market structure is backed by a professional and diligent regulator . Indian entities and foreign financial institutions can trade in Indian stocks with confidence.

Most stocks associated with India’s development priorities, as noted by the World Bank, and mentioned earlier in this article, are excellent platforms for participating in the India success story. Stocks of some government owned companies are also excellent investments, because these organizations are likely to pass entirely in to private hands with the passage of time. Though the public sector is generally castigated for its inefficiencies, Indian companies in this segment have enormous values locked up in their fixed and natural resources. Stocks of Indian affiliates of international companies also offer superior opportunities for growth and returns. Make sure that you have pride of place for India in your portfolio-directly if you are a citizen, and through a financial institution if you live abroad.