Why Food Stocks Are Best Picks Today (Part 2)

Branded food and beverage stocks can rival European drug manufacturers in terms of gross margins: their product liabilities are less expensive to insure as well! Branded food and beverage stocks enjoy relative price inelasticity because we are creatures of habit, and will skimp on clothes before we downgrade food on the table.

The food and beverage sector is full of entry barriers. Sourcing has so many links between farm and fork that many quality slips can occur between cups and lips! The sector is an oligopoly of a handful of global celebrity stocks. Therefore, there is no joy in the branded food and beverages sector for those with short stock trading horizons. You just have to be patient with these blue chips and store them for rainy days. However, expansive acquisitions and occasional product complaints can depress prices for at least part of a trading day in some stock market. Therefore, the best stock brokers have alerts and grab these stocks whenever prices fall below tightly specified floor prices.

Top Stock Picks from New Food Technologies

Investing without uncertainty can be boring, so some of us would appreciate food stocks which excite if not inspire. The food and beverage sector is always ready to please, and the move from food security to nutritional values, has stocks with exceptional growth prospects. Any company that can help to grow food with better safety levels, or with special nutritional benefits, has chances to become an exceptional stock trading opportunity. However, Greenpeace could blow a hole in these opportunities at any time, and there are inevitable regulatory hurdles to some label claims, so even the best companies in this sector have their shares of failures.

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