What the Stars Foretell About Stock

Some Asian stock investors have the stars on their side. You can see the bright gemstones on fingers of their hands. Astrology seems to work for them. Their economies have double-digit growth rates. New stock millionaires dot their ranks. Soothsayers are popular in NASDAQ circles as well. They depend on subject experts rather than on the planets.

Projecting the future is nearly invaluable for stock investing. All stock trade is about how we see the future. You do not sell stock if you think it has a bright future. No one will buy stock unless he or she believes that it has a better future than today’s price. Are there reliable ways to know what lies ahead for stocks?

Business Management offers the Delphi technique. It is standard practice in Environmental Scanning. Read our earlier publication entitled “Environmental Scanning for Stocks from the Business of Education”. You can assemble a panel of experts in any subject. Map their views on what is likely to happen in future.

Business Modeling is another logical way of mapping the future. This approach to stock investing focuses on relationships: not between people, but between suppliers, distributors, financiers, competitors, and customers. Professor Michael Porter from Harvard has developed a model for business analysis. Life Cycle Analysis is another way of using modeling for stock trade.

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