What Should Foreign Stock Market Players Do When The US Is Unwell?

The old times of making money from Tokyo stock market moves before a US dawn, are over! A modern stock market stays active 24*7. US funds have traditionally moved east every time the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates. A fall-out of outsourcing jobs is that emerging economies depend more than ever before on the US stock market scene.

What can you do if you invest in a stock market abroad, or live in another country?

1. Move investments in to products that US consumers will continue to buy even during a recession. Generic drugs, which have gone off patent, are typical examples.

2. Buy stocks of US companies that have large earnings in Euros, Yen, and Chinese currency, or which will cost less than before in dollar terms: California wines anyone?

3. Switch to purely domestic listings of your major stock market. Find listings that buy and sell within the country. Basic materials are your best bets: farm produce, minerals, and natural energy forms.

The bottom line is that not everyone in a foreign stock market is super-power dominated. Look and you will find stock that stays cheerful amidst US blues. The Chinese have certainly made hay from their depreciated currency! You can make international relations work for rather than against your stock interests.