The Politics of the Microsoft and Yahoo Stock Tussle

Stock is an asset. You can buy and sell as you please. It also gives you a vote. People who manage the company are answerable to you. You can trade in the stock. There is nothing hostile about wanting to buy stock.

Have no sympathy for Yahoo. Stay neutral on the Microsoft stance as well. The media paints a David and Goliath picture of this story. The facts are different.

Yahoo has 1.34 billion stocks. Institutions own 73% of the total stock. The rest trades every working day on NASDAQ. All 1.34 billion shares are equal. Each one carries a vote. The Yahoo founder has chosen to structure the company this way. All is fair in the stock market. Anyone may approach a stock owner with an offer to buy. Every stock owner is free to sell or to hold. You should be open to business proposals. However, there is nothing personal or emotional about stock trade.

Why does all this constitutional stuff matter? Let it remind each of us of our rights. Take part in every quarterly earnings meeting. Never miss the annual jamboree. Make your voice heard. Pile on the questions. Ask why you should buy, sell, or hold every stock. This approach keeps executives on the toes of their brains. That is why Yahoo has joined hands with another competitor to share advertisement spaces.

Ask what the free enterprise system should do for you.

This is not in any partisan support for Ralph Nader.