Should Today’s Trader Sell Stock for Gold?

You can hardly argue with a move to sell stock and put the cash to better use. That does not amount to exiting the stock market altogether. It is just a matter of new balance in a portfolio that has relied far too much on NASDAQ alone in the past!

The evergreen market for gold is common knowledge. The point is whether it is the best place to pitch a trading tent. There is plenty of new gold coming to the surface shortly. Besides, the market has already climbed sharply, so could you miss the crest by joining now?

Trading makes most sense if you can spot hidden stock value in something which market sentiment has driven way down. Take a look at the Real Estate Operation sub-category of the Services sector. A helicopter view suggests that everything is in the red. Sub-prime and foreclosures are everywhere. Dig deeper and you will find distress sales which are bargains. Realty in the right neighborhood can fetch you more than gold.

Have you left the stock market in a gold rush? Do you have another great trading idea? Would you like more leads on which way a market is headed? Our lines are open right below!