Real Stock Value from Pennies (Part 2)

Do not accept vague intentions about how a company is supposed to grow. Your decision to hold stock should be conditional on a specific and measurable flight plan for profitable growth. The best qualities of human resources and full customer integration are other characteristics of enterprises that are destined for bigger things. However, technology can cause earthquakes at any time, so investors must be savvy in this respect, or have access to highly reliable expert judgments in this regard.

Small Business Tax Planning for Stock Value

There is no dearth of opinions about how a small business can grow. However, one issue that no investor will dispute is the delight of saving tax! The IRS announces new incentives for small business each year, and the President is not too occupied with world peace to chip in occasionally as well! Ask your tax preparer to check out Form 8903 in case one of the entities in which you have stock qualifies for the new deductions allowed for certain production activities. Rejoice in Section 179 deduction limits, which are raised for small business on a regular basis. Make sure that a small business with which you are involved claims credits for employer’s share of social security, and Medicare paid on tips, and employee childcare. There could be large stacks of cash in restructuring remuneration altogether!

Remember that small business is entitled to credits for energy research, conservation, enhanced oil recovery, and even experimental activities. There are incentives for providing access to disabled people, and for employment in empowerment zones and renewal communities. The IRS loves small business owners who pay wages and insurance for Aleutians, low employment groups, and beneficiaries of long-term family assistance benefits. Perhaps you need a whole new crew!

Goods shipped on consignment do not count as income, so perhaps you should take a fresh look at your terms of trade. Overall, the IRS is a treasure trove of deductions, credits, and other post tax cash flow advantages that can make a tycoon wish he or she were a rookie again! Get your tax preparer’s nose to the grindstone, or simply join our forum right away for more tips!