The Safe Harbor of Oil & Gas Operations Based in North America

Option trade is complicated. Some stock investors may prefer outright purchase to an option. That is why we decided to look for stocks that are reasonably likely to match if not beat inflation. This kind of investing will protect your dollar savings.

Our search for value investing options took us to the Energy Sector. We have to cook and have lost the ability to survive winters without heating. Oil and natural gas drive inflation. Stocks from this sector are unlikely to lose value even in a recession.

There are many industries in the Energy Sector. Some of them are rather far-fetched. They may endure cash losses for years. They have environmental advantages, but with financial uncertainty. Traditional energy forms are safer. However, your assets could disappear if unfriendly nations are involved. Middle East Sheikhdoms could join Venezuela in this respect.

Oil and gas in North America is just right from all points of view. You can hardly go wrong with such stocks. You never run out of demand. Your company spends in the same currency as it earns. Look for an NYSE listing. That will protect you from adequate governance of your stocks.

Canadian Natural Resource Limited (USA) is one of our unbiased recommendations. The stock trades under the symbol CNQ. You can join our forum and start a discussion on this stock. Share your stock picks with our community. Our forum will help whether you are a stock market Guru or a disciple. Join right now.