Personalized Health Stocks (Part 1)

The stock market has heard about personalized medicine for some time now. There are two reasons why investors have not been enthusiastic about stock picks in this area until now. One is that Alternative and Complementary Medicine has played with personalized medicine, and their stocks are always dragged down by intellectual property issues. The second reason for investors, cold shouldering personalized medicine stocks is that it depends, in modern medicine, on the immune system. The latter has traditionally been the preserve of organizations that excel in public service rather than in profits. So what has changed?

Personalized medicine stocks deserve fresh consideration because the technology has come of age. It is no longer the preserve of anecdotal medicine, but has crossed some serious regulatory hurdles after rigorous and advanced clinical trials. Individual projects may continue to fail to make commercial grades, but there is little doubt left in informed circles now that personalized medicine is here to stay. The number of new brands which emerge in this sector during the coming decades will probably exceed those with origins in classical organic chemistry. The bases of therapeutics are changing in favor of personalized medicine.

Another earth shaking change which is set to shake up all health care stocks is the way in which passive and active immunology now combine in laboratories to make futuristic drugs. Immunity has always known to be something which varies widely between individuals. Simple blood counts show the versatility of white blood cells to adapt to all kinds of pathologies. This is why the concept of making medicine from tumors holds so much medicine. Selective inhibition of cancerous cells is a utopia for which researchers have strived over generations. The technology is now within tantalizing grasp, and the first products to market are close to final regulatory clearances.

Personalized Health Stocks (Part 2)