Stock Solution to Search Engine Controversies

One member of the Computer Services Industry wants to buy another. The latter neither sells nor presents any concrete business improvement plans. The champ, in the meantime, reports ever-improving quarterly results. Most of this is because advertisers and customers increasingly use the Internet. However, some doubting types allege that the champ fudges numbers.

The shoe is on the other feet for most small Computer Services Industry stock owners. You need the stock more than the whiz kids need your dollars. Besides, they run your computers. They solve world problems. Even Washington issues visas at their behests to help with our unemployment numbers. We are nobodies to question the great Search Engines of our times. Yet, what if their stocks also decline one day?

Language is your single-window solution to this dilemma. Move your Computer Services Industry stocks to search engines that deal in more than English alone. Think, for example, of how many people on earth use the Internet in Chinese. Can your Computer Services Industry stock do that? Here is an option to consider.

Baidu.Com Incorporated (BIDU) has an ADR listed on NASDAQ. The April 2008 market capitalization is $11.64 billion. The stock has traded near the start of the second fortnight of the month at more than three times the 52-week low. The Net Profit Margin over the last four quarters is a hefty 36.06%. Return on Average Equity has topped 37% during this period. It is an industry leader in China. A planned foray in to gaming will vault the stock to new highs.

There are no controversies here.