New and Exciting African Stocks from Mozambique (Part 2)

The capital Maputo, which lies on the water front, has a pleasurable ambience with a distinctly Portuguese ambience, a rapid highway connection with South Africa, and enough of local flavors, all at the same time. There is plenty of unexplored tourist potential in Maputo, and with the economy growing rapidly, is likely to grow as a base for international companies and for the vacation market as well. Hotels, fine dining establishments, and boutiques are business ideas of merit for the capital city of Maputo.

Southern Mozambique is best developed in terms of tourist infrastructure for beach holidays and for sea sports. This part of the country has exquisite beaches, with diving and game fishing opportunities to whet appetites of the adventurous. Once again, proximity with such metropolitan centers in South Africa such as Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town and opens many possibilities for new business as well as for regional expansion.

Though Central Mozambique lacks infrastructure, it was once the cynosure of explorers from other continents. This part of the country has wildlife resources and mountain scenery that are almost secret for the outside world. It is a virgin territory with scope for profitable development if investors are prepared for long gestation projects.

It is apparent that Mozambique is at a crossroads in its long and tortured modern history. Few can deny that the country stands out from many of its continental peers for dramatic and determined national development: it would certainly have achieved more tangible progress were it not for inclement weather at the start of this century. Overall, it presents some exceptional profit and growth opportunities, especially for those with extensive bases in South Africa and those trading on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.