Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 1)

Private equity has begun to wake up to the business potentials of clean coal technologies. It has become possible to use coal to generate all the power we need, and to do this without harming the environment. It is not exceptional for new technologies to have critics and valid limitations as well. Nevertheless, technological developments in sequestering harmful gases have advanced to the stage where the world can look forward to using the black gift of the earth to produce cheap and clean electricity. Stocks of all companies engaged in coal production, and all those who can master one of the new clean coal technologies, present significant new profit and appreciation potentials.

Clean Coal Stock Options

Investors have multiple stock options to make money from clean coal. It would be best to participate in the ownership of corporations which are fully integrated in the mining, generating, and sequestering phases. However, even entities which enjoy stable rights to large reserves under the ground, technology outfits that merely sell integrated know-how products and those who achieve breakthrough pollution abatement levels in formerly harmful downstream operations, are all excellent alternatives for those keen on new options on the stock market. Clean coal is a powerfully demonstrative example of how technology can recycle abandoned and defiled resources.

Global acceptance of clean coal technologies vary by country. The United States and China are key markets, because governments in both national capitals are very keen to establish leadership positions in this strategic field. Some emerging economies, notably India, have made private forays in this profitable area, but remain enamored of more conventional avenues to energy security. It is a pity that most poor nations have poor management resources, because their governments have largely failed to see the clean coal stock investing opportunity. Poor mining standards, and ignorance about how coal can be used without compromising on the environmental protection front, are probably responsible for the slow spread of this know-how.

Can You Spurn Such a Stock Investment Gift? (Part 2)