Myriad Ways for You to Make Money from New Internet Marketing

Controversy has erupted over stock price trends of major Internet search engines. Some surveys show that the ‘pay per click’ fashion may be on the decline. Influential stock market quarters believe that eliminating fraudulent browser behavior is the way to go. Search engines may do even better with lower but genuine browser activity on the web. What does all this mean for you?

Internet marketing remains dynamic and influential. Productivity of advertising budgets for the Internet will climb way above the ratios for conventional mass media. Small enterprises cannot afford prime time television advertising anyway. Convergence between cellular telephones and wireless will continue to steal audiences from print and broadcast media.

Short cuts will work even less now. Search engines have always fought scurrilous efforts to jump web site ranking queues. Software that tailors search results to individual needs makes techniques of link exchanges and keyword optimization obsolete. There is no alternative now to providing quality information on your website.

Rich pickings await Internet marketers who wake up to the new realities of this communication medium. It is also the residual thinking of discerning investors with respect to search engine stocks. Getting rid of irrelevant activity on the web will make electronic commerce better than before.

It is difficult to think of a product, service, or a cause that cannot use the World Wide Web. An extreme view predicts that physical stores and conventional media may disappear altogether. They may not become museum artifacts altogether, but look set to recede behind the front lines of public attention.