Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 2)

Become a Financial Advisor for Your Favorite Candidate (Part 1)
Tax Policies in Favor of Stock Investing
Should you succeed in committing your favorite candidate to prudence in public finance matters, then it is time to shift focus to more individual freedom in stock investing matters. There is no constitutional right which enables us in material terms, as the instrument of making stock picks. We can absorb advice from all quarters, but each decision to buy, to hold, or to sell any stock, is our own.

The stock exchange structure is an extension of democracy to the financial planning world. We can own parts of any corporations we like, and participate in local administration as well, through the stock market mechanism. Stock dividends are not paid without letting the IRS dip in to corporate tills! Should earnings of small investors be taxed at their present rates, if at all? Beating a stock index calls for individual diligence: should a retail investor pay capital gains in the same manner as a top executive or a private equity club? Obviously, each citizen will have his or her unique perspective of tax policies, but most of us do not have offices, executives, and budgets to keep places in the Washington shows for the glitterati. An election year provides a level playing field of rare vintage. Make the most of it through a shopping list of everything Uncle Sam can do for your stocks!

A Level Playing Field for Stock News

The level playing field concept does not apply to taxation alone. Equal access to information is another obstacle to prevent small investors from making as much money from stocks as the denizens of the private equity world. Links between powerful corporations, some of which are controlled abroad, key public officials, and politicians, result in competitive privacy. Business performance analysis, reviews of capital investments, and prospective thinking on interest rate changes, are some of the powerful weapons that a financial advisor of the rich can use to perpetuate economic disparities.