Make Housing Stock Your Stock Market Hedge Fund

You can hardly beat realty when it comes to long term stock value. It is not immune from cyclical pressures, but housing is integral to national life everywhere. Besides, offices, shops, and factories have their permanent roles in modern lives, so commercial real estate is at least as safe as housing.

Everyone can make a soft landing in the housing turbulence that has so upset the stock market over the past months. Banks that have forced unrealistic loans down the throats of people deserve to have their stock dumped. However, you do not want to punish yourself, so why not build a private hedge fund to take advantage of inherent housing and other realty values?

Study some of the most active stock market movers from the Real Estate Operations industry. Here is an example: General Growth Properties is listed on NYSE as GGP. This is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with deep roots in top properties. It operates in the United States, Brazil, Turkey, and Costa Rica. The company develops and operates both residential and commercial projects. It has just been asked to manage over 600 thousand square feet of retail space slated to be completed in about 18 months from now. This is a typical stock that can help you take a strong position in housing and related realty investing.

Where do you stand on housing stock? Have you exited already, or do you plan to look for value investing opportunities? Join our community and share your thoughts. Post now!