Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy (Part 2)

Alternative Financial Planning to Revive a Flagging National Economy (Part 1)
6. Limit spending on Presidential campaigns, and achieve transparency on Political Action Committees and assorted routes of soft money. Funnel the cash to create new jobs and to cut budgetary deficits. Let no one confabulate in secret on the powers that votes confer!

7. Create new airport security systems so that honest and peaceful vacationers from all over the civilized world can come to the United States in droves. This will spur waves of unskilled jobs and put quick cash in the hands of large numbers of small entrepreneurs.

8. Refinance all sub-prime loans and their derivatives, so that no one profits from the lack of awareness of others. Also, prevent home owners and their families from ending up on streets and humiliated. Establish regulatory procedures to prevent future public abuse by private banks.

9. Start reconstruction work in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, with innovative commercial arrangements between US corporations and outsourced labor from moderate Muslim nations such as Bangladesh and Indonesia.

10. Reinstate the Bretton Woods agreement, so that adversarial nations do not use their dollar holdings against our national interests. Structure global trade so that our currency remains a sovereign and prestigious instrument.

We ran out of coffee beans near this point of our brainstorm, but are still at work on new ideas. Bookmark this web site for our companion piece entitled “Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning”. We expect to publish this shortly. Do post your own ideas and opinions at our forum. It would be delightful to hear from you. Everyone stands to gain if all of us contribute to the construction of a national economic agenda that serves the long-term interests of all stakeholders. Policy makers may not always hear us, but a Presidential election year is certainly appropriate for striving to think things through. You can be sure that organized groups, especially the large capital and private equity sections of the stock market, must be hard at work to win concessions and promises, so do not get left behind!