Make Hay from Hydrogen Stocks

Does stock market volatility bother you? Are you worried about what recession can do to your portfolio? Would you like some dividend revenue to keep the inflation wolf from your door? Read on and share our gas stock idea.

Love hydrogen. The stuff is as free as air. Electricity from hydrogen does not pollute the environment. You do not have to import anything from China or in Euros to use it. You can buy a hybrid engine car today. Other uses for hydrogen are on the way.

Combine hydrogen with other gases to make a profitable stock. You could be in a hurry if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions in the first paragraph above. How do you find a company that is big on hydrogen and makes money at the same time?

Try Air Products & Chemicals Incorporated (NYSE: APD). The Price to Earnings Ratio is below 19. It is forecast to drop below 18 soon. Yield is 1.80. Top institutions own 86% of the stock. The May 2008 market capitalization is a sturdy $20.63 billion. The Trailing Twelve Months Payout Ratio is a generous 30.33. Moreover, dividends have grown consistently by 12.54% over the past five years.

This corporation deals in argon, helium, oxygen, nitrogen, and specialty gases, apart from hydrogen. It serves an amazing array of industries, ranging from health care to refineries. There is hardly any economy worth the name on earth where this corporation from Allentown, PA does not have a sizeable presence. It has acquired a subsidiary in the vast market of China.

You can count on this company to keep generating cash even as the world gets ready for a hydrogen era. The stock price, which was at $97.93 at the beginning of the third week of May 2008, is on course to touch new highs.