Invest in Stock with Yin not Yang

There is no sexual discrimination in deliberate and thoughtful stock investing. Analogies can help you make better stock trades. Everyone loves a vacation. You can imbibe the Yin route to stock market success by applying the philosophy to vacation planning. Try this link from one of our sister web sites: Little Yang During Your China Travel

Now let us get back to stock work. What can we learn from the feminine style of financial planning?

  • Do painstaking homework. Try television or cooking if you need to relax. No stock analyst can substitute your own number crunching.
  • Sleep over large stock trades. It is true that timing matters in investment. However, wild stock price swings tend to be exaggerated. Only your stock broker gains when you trade in frenzy.
  • Back your instincts. Every stock will have a 52-week high and low. A brief encounter will leave only painful memories. Invest in stocks of companies you like.

Yin works better in hard stock market times. It gives you the resilience to hold on to stocks in which you believe. You manage market euphoria better as well. Your focus moves further in the investment horizon.

We have published on women stock investors before. Visit What do Women want from the Stock Market

This post is an extension of our research on how women behave when they trade in stocks. Men can learn from these insights as well. As always, you are welcome to contribute, regardless of your background. Register at our forum and start posting today.