Industry Players to Network At Dow Jones Conference

Wednesday kicks off at 07h15 with registration of delegates and a networking breakfast followed by welcoming remarks by Clare Hart (Executive Vice President of Dow Jones & Co. and President of Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group) and Shawn Hessing (National Managing Partner of the US Private Equity Group of KPMG LLP). The first panel discussion of the day will address the subject: Private Equity Transformed – What Will it Take to Achieve Success? Experienced players in the industry will discuss how their firms have shifted focus to deal with the issues of lack of lending, lack of exits and reluctance to take on risk. A keynote interview by Peter Lattman of The Wall Street Journal will ask Richard A. Friedman of Goldman Sachs & Co. to explain: Why Goldman Sachs Sees Distressed Debt as the Place to Play.

The Keynote Presentation at Wednesday’s Networking Luncheon will ask and answer the questions: Why is The United Nations Focused on Private Equity?; and The Obama Administration: Ambition and Achievement, or Ambition and Overeach? The afternoon continues with a series of discussions on venture capital and sponsor hosted workshops, before ending off the day with private equity analyst Hall of Fame interviews.

Thursday’s busy program starts with an interview by Private Equity Analyst writer, Laura Kreutzer, with Founding Partner & Executive Vice Chairman of Partners Group, Urs Wietlisbach on the subject: The Global LP: What Makes Sense in Today’s Environment. Later in the morning Guy Hands, Chairman & CIO of Terra Firma reveals all in an interview by James Mawson, Editor of Private Equity News, entitled: Behind the Music: What Lies Ahead for Terra Firma and the Private Equity Industry? Panel and track discussions throughout the day includes the topics of: The Changed Look of Wall Street: What Does it Mean for Private Equity?; Emerging Markets: Time to Jump or Avoid?; Keeping Portfolio Companies Alive & Thriving: What’s Working?; The Search for Financing: Where Will it Lead?; and Avoiding Major Trouble: Why Private Equity Firms Must Spend More Time On Ethics The day will end with an interview by Dennis K. Berman, Deputy Chief, Money & Investing at The Wall Street Journal, where he asks David M. Rubenstein, Co-founder and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, the question: Where Does the Private Equity Industry Go From Here? No doubt all in attendance will be keen to gain insight into this important issue.