Do You Need Some Good News about the Stock Market?

They say our ancestors came in from the sea. That is why frogs still hover between land and water. It looks like we are on the way back. Energy, minerals, and food – the sea has it all.

Landlocked countries are suckered. The rest of us desperately scrounge territorial water for black gold, natural gas, and other sea-bed treasures. Trust Putin to jump the gun. Russia has greedily dug below the Arctic. The California Gold Rush is on for oil. It is pelagic this time.

Remember Jules Verne. Fact and fiction are seamless when you write about under the sea. Ok, so you have snorkeled in the Caribbean. Seismic surveys for energy blocks miles below the waves is a little different. It is not done to enjoy the coral. You have to come up with stuff that can make cash.

Who do you trust with estimates? Submarine energy reserves are like stock price predictions. Heads you lose. Tails, the stock brokers win. Wait a minute though. We have found a way. Buy stocks of companies that make off-shore oil rigs. There are others which provide a whole range of site support services. You cannot drill the sea bed without rigs and support. These companies have overflowing order books. Their margins are paid upfront. There is no recession on their screens. They care two hoots about inflation. Oil or hard rock, you win. It is almost like a job in the Fed or Bear Stearns.