Financial Planning for the Underprivileged (Part 2)

Financial Planning for the Underprivileged (Part 1)
The Future Worth of National Stocks
Manufacture of civil aircraft stands in sharp contrast to the software industry. The United States, the EU, and now Brazil, dominate this sector. Boeing is a clear leader by a wide margin. The company has to excel in international business because there is no joy in producing big jets for the US alone. Boeing is a highly visible brand name even in countries that are inimical to the United State

The technology is entirely North American, and no country is even remotely on the horizon in terms of catching up in global supplies of aircraft. Airbus prospects have long been affected by interference from the governments that have stakes in the company, and the strong Euro is certainly bad news for this traditional Boeing rival. The US dominance of aeronautical engineering has deep roots in our education system. Key engineers have been US citizens for generations, and belong to the mainstream.

India is an example worth studying in terms of using higher and vocational education as a means of building national stocks. Providing call center and knowledge services to global customers have become stepping stones to record-breaking economic development. All countries and governments need to think afresh about the economic and financial implications of their education policies.

A New Route to Financial Planning

It can be daunting to try and change a national education system. Perhaps it would be more productive to try and work the existing set-up for personal advantage. We do know that college education for children is a principle aim of financial planning. What if we turn this on its head, and find ways of generating additional revenues during our earning careers. Most Universities, including the Ivy League ones offer extension and online education options. This is a rapidly growing area, with new subjects included periodically. Some courses require employer sponsorships, but the majority can be accessed by individuals of all backgrounds. It is now possible to enhance personal skill sets, and to improve earning potentials.

Working from home after retirement, or even starting a new vocation, are alternate routes to generating large amounts of cash in the autumn of life. This can beat hoping for stock dividends and growth in values of the new stocks of today. Work to improve your own stocks as a professional, rather than depend on others to use your savings productively.