Fight or Flight Options for the Stock Market Challenge

a. There are a whole range of stocks that have to fall further. Corporations that depend on imports from Europe are illustrative examples. Bernanke has admitted that recession is not impossible. It is safe to assume that the Fed will not raise interest rates soon. Opportunities to make money by selling short are clear. Credit card and auto loans provide other investment leads in this respect.

b. Some new US kids on the stock market block look good. They are not yet in the large capital league. However, their technological moats run deep and wide. Outer space, new materials, and genetics, are three growth areas in which the United States remains a clear leader. You will have to pay horrifying premiums for joining these stock rockets after summer.

c. Realty is amongst the most finite of our resources. There are some amazing values in homes and land at today’s rates. Perhaps they will go down further before they climb. But climb they must. Some stocks are fantastic deals merely because of the future values of their assets.

This is an illustrative and not a complete list of our brainstorming. Stay with this web site throughout the coming vacation season. We will take the General Custer approach to the stock market. You can join us in the fight to make money. There are no charges for watching from the stock ring side.