Join Bernanke Since You Cannot Beat Him

We are as guilty as the next web site. Everyone takes pot shots at the Fed. Does that help your financial planning?

The fire sale of the Bear is still a secret. We mean the process and not just the public face. Wait for the next rally and unload financial sector stock when you can. Thank your broker if your portfolio remains unscathed in the current imbroglio.

We do not always blame the Fed. Take a look at: What if the Stock Market Listens to the Fed?

Give Bernanke a break. Stand behind and follow his lead. How many more interest rate reductions do you need? Take that plastic out of your wallet. Welcome spring with a shopping spree. Uncle Ben will pick up the tab if you cannot. After all, he saved the bear only so you would not bleed.

GDP is in your hands, never mind any slow down or recession. How can the Fed help if you play wet blanket and cut back on spending? Get an Adjustable Rate Mortgage if you do not have one already. Count your savings from month one.

Fighting recession is tougher than Iraq duty. Market rumors have it that some moles in the Fed building even murmur dissent. Ben needs not your hand, but your cash. Forget about inflation. The dollar is not your responsibility. Shut down this screen and hit the stores.