Back to Business Management Basics to Survive in Today’s Stock Market

Reboot to the 1990s. That is when Peter M. Senge first published his writings of the Art & Practice of The Learning Organization. The stock market scene of today makes better sense when seen in the light of the key Business Management skills that Senge first advocated some two decades ago. Senge is of MIT and Sloan School vintage, so obviously he did not use astrology to prophecy what could happen to the current US economy!

Sub-prime crime by banks, gross errors in bond insurance, and credit rating manipulations, are generally beyond the reaches of small stock investors. That does not mean we have to exit buying and holding stock altogether. There is all this talk of gold and going back to gold old 401(k) alone, but such investing fears are exaggerated. Classic Business Management teaching can make sound stock investing profitable and fun as well. A top benefit of the Internet is that online dialog is possible-even for those who have forgotten what they learned in Business Management schools!

Gambling luck is all day trading in stock needs. However, stock investing is a different story. No stock can be evaluated professionally for its true future worth without Business Management skills. We have started a thorough revisit of The Fifth Discipline as put forth by Peter M. Senge. Watch this web site for our upcoming premium publication.

Do you use Business Management practices to analyze stock? Is an informal method better? Does the current stock market turbulence worry you? Join our community and dialog to your heart’s content. Start posting today!