A Stock Need Not Smell As Sweet as its Trade Symbol

What is the big deal with a stock trade symbol? You do not even have to bookmark the web pages for your favorite stocks. Intelligent search engines now track your habits and present you with ready screens of stock prices in which you are interested. Any company will be happy to send you alerts whenever there is something positive to report about stock. All this is without mention of mutual funds and ETFs which take care of all the thinking on your behalf.

We checked things out in a survey. Our discovery: we are in a minority of one when it comes to the popularity of stock trade symbols. The average investor loves them. Never mind recession, a top subject for browser responses, is to start a discussion on stock trade symbols. Which ones do we like? It seems that stock investment can be fun. Why not add humor to the serious business of stock investing?

Let us try. Our favorite is ‘Cash’. Do you know which company this stock trade symbol represents? It is for the Meta Financial Group Incorporated. The stock is listed on NASDAQ no less. The market capitalization is nearly $50 million. Does Cash move you? Here are some recent developments related to this easy-to-remember stock:

CASH has delayed filing SEC returns. A new accountant needs time to settle down. Besides, the company is recovering from fraud by a former employee. NASDAQ has threatened to take the stock off its listing. Want to know more?

Your favorite stock trade symbols are welcome on our board. Which acronyms do you remember best? Do you like ones that sit well on the tongue, or is just plain funny your style. Perhaps you are like us, and prefer solid business performance with honest and timely reporting. Join our forum today and start posting fun or serious stuff.