Xenon Lamps to See Through Dense Stock Market Fog

Gross Margin and Market Share cut through the haze like twin lasers. Reliable and independent market share data can cost a bomb. The investment is worthwhile. Primary Marketing Audit data takes you to the heart of stocks. Are customers jumping ship? Gross Margin details cannot be had for just money. Only insiders know where losing products and territories lurk. They cannot trade that vital information. Settle for gross reports of Gross Margin.

Never believe any spiel about cutting prices to get customers. Better buy stocks that dictate how much customers pay. Hold on though. What if the market turns away when you raise prices? There are plenty of excuses to lose market share. None of them justify your holding stock that falters on the brand ranking ladder.

You are in business when customers keep queuing in front of raised sticker prices. They could get bored or annoyed. That is why you have to keep looking for trends. Switch on the xenon search lights of Gross Margin and Market Share when the naked eye cannot see where stock is headed. Ask the driver to pull over, and hop off if either of these vital business signs signals an infarct.