Australian Securities Exchange

The Australian economy is very competitive and open, and is ranked amongst the strongest economies in the world. Effective management of the economy and continuous reform of structures ensures that the Australian economy maintains its performance level.

Another attribute to the strong economy is the consistently low inflation rate it has enjoyed for years. The most competitive industries in Australia are the electricity, transport, gas and telecommunications sectors. The open economy also provides low trade barriers and an accommodating tax system, with regard to business. Skilled labor and a flexible market, fuels the economic growth and supports the employment sector.

Australia is the worlds’ leader in the export of beef and veal, as well as being the third largest exporter of dairy products. It also exports significant quantities of wool, grains, cotton, sugar, vegetables and fruit. Thailand, Korea, China and Japan are

Australia’s biggest buyers of cotton. The export from the food industry accounts for a large percentage of Australia’s annual retail turnover.  As Australia continues to hold a noteable position in the global economy the Australian Securities Exchange will remain an important cog in the wheeling and dealing of high finance.

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