Australasian Stock Exchanges

While the geographic area known as Australasia - incorporating Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea and some neighboring Pacific Ocean islands - is somewhat smaller than many of the world's continents, it still has plenty to offer. From the rugged, green mountains of New Zealand to the beautiful varied climates of Australia, Australasia is a place of both natural beauty and economic growth. Both Australia and New Zealand have enjoyed relative economic prosperity for some time now and as a result they both have relatively strong stock exchanges in which local and global contenders can vie for stocks, bonds, securities and other tradable commodities. This section of focuses mainly on the Australian Securities Exchange and the New Zealand Stock Exchange, as these are the biggest found in this geographical region.

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Perth. The independent stock market entities which have merged to form this unified Exchange go back in history for well over a hundred years each. They have played stellar roles in the evolution of the country’s stock market culture, and now form an impressive bulwark against competitors in the international environment. The ASX operates as a listed company, and hence there is no conflict of interests between its widespread ownership and its functions of diligent regulation. The ASX has buried its past of as an object of control by stock market brokers, though it has lost none of the learning assets developed when it was a series of independent stock market operations. The ASX has a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, and has invested wisely over the years to stay abreast of cutting edge Information Technology. The ASX is further strengthened in stock market terms by its acquisition of the Sydney Futures Exchange, which deals in financial instruments, gold and farm animals raised for meat.

Australia’s vibrant and diversified economy is a second major platform, which attracts global stock market investments. The country’s major industries use best management practices and the domestic resource base to sustain itself in a global arena. Companies listed on the ASX can match the best names in key sectors, and include affiliates of some of the world’s most valuable brands and operations. The continent has strategic reserves of fossil fuels, industrial and precious metals, and diamonds as well. The domestic market is large and sophisticated. It has become integral to the fortunes of all major corporations. No company can claim to be truly global without significant and profitable operations in Australia. The performance of companies on the ASX is a reliable guide to group operations at head-quarters in home bases.

Government and business do not always move in tandem, and it is in this rare field that the Australian stock market scene tops! The country is a stable parliamentary democracy to match the United States and Europe in affirmed and unequivocal support for the principles of free enterprise. The transparency and reliability of the Australian environment is just what the doctor ordered, as far as stock market investors are concerned!

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