Women Investors and the Stock Market

Sexual discrimination is virtually eliminated in the first world, but lurks, often below one’s radar, in nooks and crannies of the globe. The era of screen based stock market operations around the clock suits female home makers very well indeed. Women can now trade from the security of their neighborhoods or homes, and invest at their leisure.

Endocrinology tells us that the stock market culture should suit women more than the other sex: after all, testosterone-laden aggression may help bulls, but durable wealth accumulation requires patience, conservatism, and calm minds. A brain, which is accustomed to keep food on the table with a very limited budget, should do extremely well in a stock market setting!

One should not expect or advise women to jump in to the stock market without due preparation and deliberation. It is easy to be misled by much touted advisors, and a track record of success in the good times, could be a recipe for disaster when inevitable downturns begin. Comprehensive training and skill development are keys to sustained success in the stock market, and every woman deserves no less.

The good news is that competition between Exchanges keeps heating up. Some of them respond by buying others, or selling their own holdings, but the best ones make sterling contributions to helping prospective new entrants learn the ways of wise investing. It would be wonderful if management teams responsible for Exchanges would focus on helping more women trade in their environs, rather than bicker about trivial issues, as some of them are prone to do.

Since a stock market offers an oceanic array of securities, it helps if women, on entering the world of investing for the first time, keep away from temptations to dabble in sectors about which they have no personal experience. Building a portfolio around brands and local government bodies with which you deal daily, is a certain way to gain hands-on expertise.

Everyone is welcome at Stockmarkets.com but a special hello and thanks if you are a lady!