Why the Stock Market in India should hang on to Syngenta

It would be foolish indeed to accept offers from the Indian affiliate of any international biotech company to buy off your shares. You can bet your bottom dollar (or Rupee as they say in the local lingo) that this sector is zooming North. The stock market authorities, God bless their noble souls, must have reasons for their generosity in pulling the listing off active trading, but Syngenta is a company of which every investor should own a generous slice.

The sheer volume of new patents held by this giant is staggering. Syngenta has innovative and proprietary products for every significant market segment in which it operates. The company plays vital roles in the national economies of all agrarian nations. Born of such illustrious parents as Ciba-Geigy, Sandoz, and Zeneca, Syngenta represents a top blood-line of illustrious stock market ancestors in the Life Sciences sector.

Farmers are primary consumers of Syngenta products. Not everyone in the stock market arena appreciates the importance and influence of this community, but they determine political fortunes in emerging nations, and benefit from enormous financial props in the first world as well. The business has a great deal to do with food safety and environmental conservation issues as well, areas in which companies such as Syngenta have tremendous strengths.

The stock market sector in which Syngenta participates has seen so much of consolidation in the last decade that only a handful of companies remain. Exit Syngenta and your portfolio could be bereft of this exciting area of the economy altogether and for all time. Global hunger, the fiber needs of bludgeoning population numbers, and the new drive towards biological sources of energy and for therapeutic agents, add up to imply that companies such as Syngenta could be on the threshold of a golden era.

So hang on to your Syngenta shares for dear life!