Which Stock Should You Sell Short Now?

Bears will find the best stocks to short in the United States. Canada could go the UK way, and nationalize the Northern Rock type of casualties. The Swiss also have a good track record of ruthlessly letting their national stocks sink. Look for high Price to Earnings ratios, stocks largely owned by institutions, and corporations that have outsourced critical loan appraisal and administration processes. The first quarter of 2009 is a good target for selling stocks short, as you can get the best bargains after the next festive season and Presidential ball. Remember that patience is a prime virtue for every stock market bear!

We have other ideas for short operations in the stock market world. There are load of stocks headed far South a year from now. Opportunities vary by stock market and country. Some stocks stand to gain even though their sectors and industries may be on slides: you definitely do not want to short those! Read our articles on Environmental Scanning on this web site for leads and ideas. Do post your comments and queries below. Let us share short selling benefits for making top dollars from the stock market!