What the Making of a Singapore Girl Can Tell the Stock Market (Part 1)

American Apparel has an iconic founder, but Singapore Airlines has an unending stream of polite and caring cabin crew. It is remarkable how close the real experience of travel by this airline can be to the dreamy advertisements of smiling and slim women! The Singapore Girl has remained youthful and up-to-date for over two decades. Have you ever met people unhappy with the service on flights of this airline? It cannot be merely an Asian hospitality gig because India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines all have airlines. Most western airlines have Asian staff on flights to and from the Orient. How does Singapore Airlines stand apart by such a wide service margin?

Have you read our article on this web site entitled “Process Not Personality Builds Durable Stock Value”? We decided to study Singapore Airlines. How does the airline use the Process element of the Marketing Mix to sustain a profitable brand of distinction? A report by a journalist who was invited to take a look at the company training center and facilities, has served as one basis. We have accounts from typical customers as well. You need not be in the airline industry to be interested, because service excellence affects large corporations, small business, executives, and even stock prices!

Recruitment Practices that Support Top Stock Prices

Recruitment can be at least as tricky as dating and courting! Both parties present their best sides, and weaknesses are kept as tightly as possible under wraps. Nobody gains in the bargain! The trick is to enumerate job requirements clearly, and have professional industrial psychologists check out applicants and candidates thoroughly and fairly. A top recruiter makes no effort to hide the downsides of any job. New recruits should not be in for rude shocks! All a traveler may see is a steward or stewardess who is well groomed, courteous, and attentive. However, the airline must be assured that new recruits will enjoy looking after restless children, the infirm, and the wealthy, with equal aplomb.

Most banks involved in 2007 sub-prime losses have got new people at helms. Investors may wonder why the wrong people were recruited in the first place! How do we know that the right people have been recruited this time around? Recruitment does not matter only when a business is in crisis. It adds stock value daily and regardless of organization size. Singapore Airlines has a rigorous selection process, and it is a foundation stone for consistent service quality on all their flights.

What the Making of a Singapore Girl Can Tell the Stock Market (Part 2)