WBAA – Supporting Angel Investors Worldwide

The WBAA was formed as a collaborative effort by leaders of twelve national business angel organizations, with the goal of establishing an international group of angel investing networks. The WBAA encourages entrepreneurship and innovation by offering high-potential start-up companies the finance and expertise of angel investors worldwide – and with technology shrinking the world into a global village, international expertise and funding can be most beneficial for all parties concerned.

The WBAA was initiated by the Portuguese Business Angels Federation (FNABA), the European Business Angels Network (EBAN), and the US Angel Capital Association (ACA) in October 2007. Following positive developments with the organization the first World Business Angels Association Global Conference was held on December 5-6, 2009, in Beijing, China. Countries and/or organizations represented at the WBAA, either as Full Members, Associate Members or Board Members, are: Australia, New Zealand, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, China, European Union, Spain, Portugal, Italy, India, Scotland, Chile and United Arab Emirates.

The WBAA engages in a number of activities to achieve its goals of raising global awareness of the essential role business angel investment plays in the economy; encourage cross-border angel investing; and promote the exchange of tried and tested practices in angel investing. These activities include working closely with angel groups and their various associations; collating and disseminating worldwide angel market research; standardizing angel investing terminology in the interests of cooperation and understanding on an international level; developing an online resource directory; and organizing meetings and conferences.

With the global economy in turmoil, and governments and too-big-too-fail businesses failing, innovative entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly important as they provide product, services and jobs. This in turn makes angel investors essential, and organizations such as the World Business Angel Association a valuable link in maximizing angel investment opportunities.