Profit from This Fed Like a Wall Street Pro

Understanding Fed policies is a pre-requisite for professional stock investing. That is why Wall Street loves to consult with former top honchos of the Fed. You cannot afford to hire former bureaucrats. They charge millions by the hour. However, you can work on adapting your financial planning to national policies.

It is easier than you may think. The Fed has been remarkably consistent over the past six months. Bernanke has focused very sharply on reducing interest rates. The US Fed is the world’s only super power of interest rate reductions. We may soon witness yet another step towards interest-free credit. That would be the same as Islamic Banking. However, let us not get politically incorrect. Just think of how interest rate reductions can work for your financial planning.

See the interest rate matter in the light of the Bear. The Fed supported the JP Morgan fire purchase with a $30 billion guarantee. What does this mean? Basically, Bernanke would like all of us to be a little more positive and optimistic in our investing behavior. The Fed seems to suggest that we need to become more risk-taking. Uncle Sam will back you. However, only you can take loans and put money to work. It is time for a new America.

Kindle your spirit of entrepreneurship. Think of new business ideas. Indulge in your fancies. Keep cash on the hoof. Banks will recover. GDP will climb again.

We would like to start a new thread on investing and spending. This will be a kind of brainstorm on how we can use lower interest rates to get rich again. Here is a link to take the first step: Join our Forums