Vacation from Stock Trade and Work on Your Mortgage Value Instead

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is full of suggestions. You can take steps now to make your January 2009 returns look much better. Put tax credits to work for your financial planning. Add to the value of your mortgage at the same time. Make your home worth far more than what the bank first thought. Start with energy saving. Use the sun this coming summer to cut your electricity bills to the bone. Claim tax credits at the same time.

Convert a part of your home in to an office. Save on commuting time and money. Start a new source of revenue. Study how the IRS allows you to deduct legitimate business expenses in next year’s return. Make your home the best in the neighborhood at the same time.

Home values lie beneath the economic mess of the United States. Banks have got the math of their loans wrong. What should you do? Work on raising the value of your home. The government is willing to siphon taxes to help you make homes more energy efficient. You can make more money than through stock through this route. Share your thoughts on our forums.