Top Stock Market Due South

Many U.S. citizens have images of immigration, casual entertainment and backwardness, regarding our closest neighbor to the south. The long years of depression towards the end of the previous century, following currency devaluation, add some substance to such poor notions of Mexico. However, the country is on the move, with the local stock market at the vanguard.

Mexico has much going for it as a country. More than 90% of the 100 million plus population is literate, and the median per capital income at $10 thousand, implies a large domestic market with prime future prospects. The North American Free Trade Agreement is as much of a boon for Mexico as it is for the United States and for Canada.

Mexico has significant energy and mineral reserves, and government infrastructure development plans bode well for the 3% a year GDP to accelerate in the near future. The stock market is a prime example of judicious economic and financial reform, and operates in liberate conditions, which give the more than 200 companies which are its members, excellent funding and democratic ownership options.

The proportion of poor people has dropped significantly in Mexico during the recent past. The country’s economy is now valued at over a trillion dollars. Though many sectors of industry and much of the country’s agriculture are outdated, Mexico has the plans and resources in place to make rapid strides from now on.

The stock market has responded enthusiastically to U.S. Federal Reserve positions in July 2006 about containing inflation and interest rate hikes. There are signs of growing waves of investment flowing in to the Bolsa Mexicana De Valores, and of excellent performance by companies which operate in this dynamic market. U.S. companies and consumers alike stand to gain from the rapid development of Mexico, and we can look forward to a bright future for this nation with such a rich heritage.