Top Alternative Energy Stock Picks

Integration is a single-word solution to this investing dilemma. Forget about companies that dabble in the wind. Today’s hottest solar panel could turn cold as a stock lead in future. Do not listen to talk of power from organic waste. It can turn your financial planning in to a heap of junk.

It is right to care for the environment. Do advise all and sundry to buy Alternative Energy stock. Stick to the Oil & Gas – Integrated Industry for your investments.

Take the NYSE-listed ADR of Royal Dutch Shell plc. The April 2008 market capitalization exceeds $200 billion by a wide margin. The Price to Earnings Ratio is a cheap 7.71. It is projected to stay below 10. The reliable 3.74 Yield keeps you well ahead of any bank deposit.

What about the Green? Royal Dutch Shell plc is a giant in alternative energy. The corporation has massive resources dedicated to hydrogen fuel cells. It has filling stations in the United States and in China. A new one is planned in West Los Angeles to service the California Hydrogen Highway. It takes business muscle to make alternative energy work.

Invest in corporations that understand the management of energy. Pick stocks that are integrated all the way across the delivery and value chains. They will keep you Green and Black. The Red risk is low.