Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management? (Part 2)

You can be immune to Impression Management moves by stock market advisers in any garb, as long as you do a simple TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) check. How many predictions have these guys made over the past year, and who benefited? That would not be unlike a probation period in a new job: let stock analysts earn their spurs! A retiring regulator in India has made a telling revelation on his last day on the job: anchors on business channels of television have misled trusting viewers about stocks in which they had hidden interests.

Prefer Bonds to Stocks for Your Essential Budget

The ‘good old days’ formula also works. Do not play the stock market for your monthly home budget. Your hunches may be no good for college fees! Buy bonds of towns that stick to budgets and have reasonable development plans. Look at your gains net of tax to sweeten threats of inflation. You could rue losing out on chances of making dream gains, but are unlikely to become a foreclosure victim as well!

Smokers, pub-crawlers, and the obese will not agree! It is all very well to make resolutions, but what about temptation? Can we combine high gains with stock security? How do mutual funds and professional investors work? Why can’t I explore greener grass across the fence of sectors and industries I know well?

You can form a gang and wield stock market clout. Local banks all over North America have weathered the sub prime storm with nary a scratch. How did they manage? Can small investors learn lessons for their stock portfolios? We have started work on an article entitled “The Investment Club as a Lesson from Community Banking Success”. Watch this web site to use our findings for your stock gains. You can also join our forum and ask for a custom alert when our findings are published.

What do you think of Impression Management? Does it affect your stock investment decisions? Do you have new ways of protecting your portfolio from biased advice? Are you worried about misleading information in stock exchange news? Our forum community would love to hear from you. Start posting now!