The Vulture Investor Is Really an Owl

Come to think of it, celebrity vulture investors do look like owls. Anyway, let us get down to learning from these guys – whatever you may like to call the value approach to stock investing.

Lesson one: everyone can experience a bad spell. You can play Uncle Ben too. Spot enterprises that have tripped. Lend them a hand with your funds. The stock could yield dividends again. Besides, it is the ethical thing to do.

Lesson two: your help is wasted if fallen stock falls back on old ways. It is like nursing substance abusers back to normalcy. Be active in the management of companies in which you invest. That could even mean interfering in daily affairs until they are healthy again. A fire sale is far from enough as far as real victims are concerned.

Lesson three: accept your limits. Every stock move will not work. Some companies may be beyond repair. There could be new developments in the market. You can make best estimates of business prospects. However, the future is never certain. Some investment moves will lose money. Just do your best.

Study the ways of vulture investors. This can make an owl investor out of you.

2008 is a great year to start owl investing. Bears do not eat prey. They leave that to carnivorous kin.