The Small Business Route to Better Financial Planning (Part 2)

Multiple Support Systems for Small Business

Tax incentives are not enough to boost small business. Funding and professional management are at least as important. Many agencies and web sites offer support for small business people. The US government leads the pack: the web site of the Small Business Administration is one of the best sources you can find. It covers everything from making a business plan to designing a web site. The training courses are fun, and there are impressive certificates to print and frame at the end! Our forum is another resource for you to consider. You can exchange business ideas and offer tips to others. You can join right now!

The Economic Stimulus Package has come in the midst of some Congressional controversies on earmarking. Why do we hate earmarks for others, but love them in our own backyards? Can we legitimately use them for in the larger interests of our respective communities? What if everyone else persists with the game, leaving you out in the cold? We have started work on this interface between national democratic governance and breaking through gridlocks in improving the lots of deserving folks. Please bookmark this page for your copy of our forthcoming article entitled “Ethical Earmarks for Enterprise Environment Enhancement”. You can also ask for a custom alert when this article is published. A word of caution though – participation is the universal lubricant for all earmarking! Whatever we write only works when you respond!