The Grey Stock Market Driver (Part 2)

The Sherritt example from Canada demonstrates that stock investment in mining can also provide sustained profits. The keys are to be able to produce copper, nickel, and cobalt in healthy mixes, because you cannot work the earth for cobalt alone. Such hard technology has to blend with soft skills of dealing with exotic governments, using hard heads rather than political ideologies! Cobalt estimation methods are unreliable, and the United States and its allies may also have reserves for which no one has bothered to dig as yet.

What Stock Market Investors Can Do About Cobalt

Sherritt may have stolen a march on the US in Havana, but the OM Group Incorporated from Cleveland has taken the risks of investing in the vast cobalt (with copper and nickel) reserves of the Congo. Since large deposits have been established in Siberia, it is entirely possible that US interests in Mongolia may secure our national interests with respect to cobalt. Production in Brazil has floundered, perhaps because of the social and environmental protection costs involved, but there is scope for US enterprise in this territory, now that Brazil has become more objective about our stock investment.

How much international politics can we stock lovers learn? Perhaps it is best to just direct some serious stock investment towards professionally managed companies with mining rights and connections in the right places! They say that you should join those you cannot beat, so another stock investment approach could be to focus on Japanese and Chinese stocks with large cobalt inventories.

Are you a mining expert? Do you feel threatened by the loose US grip on world trade in this strategic metal? Perhaps you have stocks in US or Canadian companies with mining rights and sizeable operations in adversarial countries.