The Greenspan Test for Financial Planning and Stock Market Advice

Tokyo junkets are supposed to involve relaxing polar flights, sushi, and geishas. Poor old man Greenspan ran in to turbulent questions instead. He is feisty as anyone in horn-rimmed spectacles. The recession is not his doing. Neither does he have anything to do with the foreclosure epidemic. However, his crystal ball shows that realty prices may rise at some point on the horizon. These are some gems he cast before brash reporters on the sidelines of a large bank sponsored ‘event’ in the Land of the Rising Sun in April.

You can gnash your teeth all you want, but he has flown out of the coop. Get envious glimpses of his retirement financial planning at: Does Stock Price Depend Excessively on Impression Management?

This real life fable does not mean that you cannot learn from those who rook you. Just do not fall for the same trick twice. It is a matter of taking financial planning in to your own hands. Ask the right questions of anyone who offers financial advice. That includes this web site. Here are some easy tips to get you on the right track:

1. Where was your financial advisor this day last year? Try this: Due Diligence Rights of Stock Market Interests Related to Provisions
2. Watch what your financial advisors do not what they say. Try this: Profit from this Fed Like a Wall Street Pro
3. Look for folks who back their financial sermons with guarantees. Try this: Pride and Profits from Public Stocks

It is that simple. Ignore the public posturing of people in office. Their words are fragile and reversible. You can do better on your own. Remember, we are always on call should you find anything on this web site which does not ring true.