The Business of Tibet

The third pole sits on a dividing fence between the other two groups. What motivates Bush, Brown, and their allies from Iraq into suggesting quiet diplomacy? Why do India, Brazil, and a host of other countries make evasive statements on the alleged uprising in Tibet? Why do the tormentors of Saddam countenance inhumanity by China?

Tibet reflects the power of world trade. Freedom is fine but not at the cost of your cash. We all know that no Sovereign Wealth Fund can match the world stocks owned by China. This country now has more influence on your currency than even your vote. Are you man enough to take up cudgels with your employer? You would have to take to communism for that.

China makes no bones about governance. All business is subservient to the power of the proletariat. Running your corporations is serious business. Read, at one of our sister sites, about how China runs what it controls: World Business Implications for Governance in China

Tibet matters to you. It is not just about Monks creating mayhem. The Olympics will soon return to the first world. You should remember Tibet until the 2012 Games and beyond. You can use governance concepts from China to get more done in your own organization. Here is another link to help you apply Tibet lessons to your enterprise: Tough Stock Market Talking for the GM CEO