The Best Time to Enter New Technology Stock

Stock investing in new technology is a risky treasure hunt. We celebrate successes more than we learn from failures. Analysts can sit on fences. Investors have to take hard decisions. The stock market is like a bazaar. Brokers and promoters do not tell you the down-sides. They hope that the risks they appear will simply not happen. Safe harbor statements protect them. Who will protect your savings? It is more than the ‘bird in the hand’ fable. Promises of profits and appreciation are pies in the sky. They do not justify taking present chances with cash.

Emerging markets offer optimal balances. Wait for frontier technologies to land at their shores. Original ISRG stock investors are still to see the best days of robotic and remote surgery. The practice is sure to spread to other countries. You can invest in such spread, reaping cash benefits with lower risks. That will give you the last laugh. Choose to lose profit opportunities rather than hard and relatively assured dividends.

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