The A, B, and W of Stocks

Let us go to the other end of the alphabet. Buffet is also a Warren. So let the W choose between alpha and beta. The stock Guru is clear on his personal preference (for stock investing). It is the alpha route for him. Now that could be because he has hot shots from the top business schools on his payroll. Are you condemned to sit it out on the stock exchange ring and pick beta scraps?

It is not so. You can become a stock market analyst to match the best. You will probably need time and loads of practice. However, you will find from one week to the next that your sense of timing keeps improving. You will get strong impulses to short some stocks, while buying others with at least a year in view. You could form an investment club to put some high octane gas under the stock market hood. Read about it at: Best Stocks to Sell Short

China is a great training ground for learning the alpha way to stock market gains. That is because government leads are clear. You get a concrete idea about which way the economy is headed. The news is not great all the time, but at least you can navigate away from stormy stock areas. We have an entire web site dedicated to China business:

What if you do not know the A and B of the stock market? You do not need access to W. Buffet for that. Simply join our forum and ask.