Best Stocks to Sell Short (Part 2)

The simple information of brand ranks and shares, and their secular, temporal, and spatial trends, can work like a horoscope of a stock-and a reliable one at that. Statutory disclosures are restricted to global revenues. These act as impenetrable covers for individual brands and territories, in which companies make key losses and gains. The segment-wise business reporting that regulators tout so volubly, do not serve any purpose related to market share analyses, because most stocks have broad product ranges within each line of business.

Marketing metrics are best for diagnosing the health of a stock. Does the company attract new customers regularly? Is it able to hold customers from competitive erosion? Most product and service categories induce impulsive behavior, with top brands falling by the way side all of a sudden. Many people have current though informal information about stocks in their lines of work. You need not be an insider trading criminal for this! Brand shares of your competitors, suppliers, and of members of your logistics chains, are types of insider information which you must have about some stocks, and which you can use without any legal or moral tort. Short selling stocks involved in subtle market share losses can add large values to your portfolio with just marginal investments.

Investment Clubs for Universal Stock Trading

There is no joy in holding stock merely on grounds of market share. The latter is useless if gross margins are in decline. Fortunately, financial statements report gross margins, at least globally, but once again, there could be important individual disruptors hidden inside overall trends. It seems that domain expertise is an essential weapon for judicious short selling of stocks! This gives rise to the concept of an investment club. The latter can be a grouping or friends, neighbors, and associates, as per the US IRS. Expertise from many domains can come together for mutual benefits. The IRS has provisions to treat an investment club as a trust, which promises major tax savings. Ask your financial advisor for details or join our forum for custom information.