Templates for an Energy Revolution on the Stock Market (Part 2)

The Man Group trades in London with the symbol EMG. It has a market capitalization of nearly $10 billion. It earned a net profit margin of more than 50% for 2007. The company deals in sophisticated derivatives apart from direct alternative energy products. It is a wide bridge between green and cash compulsions of stock investors. The company has branches in important financial centers of the world, and can be expected to build a position of influence as alternative energy grows.

Dual Benefit Energy Stocks

Technologies to control harmful emissions from fossil fuels give investors exciting options in the energy space. You have all the economy and logistic advantages of traditional energy, while addressing pollution aspects at the same time. Clean Diesel Technologies Incorporated (NASDAQ: CDTI) is a typical example. The company’s technologies improve combustion efficiencies, and reduce harmful emissions as well. The company has turned to profits in 2007. Clean coal is another option for investors who want feasible blends of traditional energy forms and emission control. Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU), which is a world leader in coal, has made investments in clean coal technology in China. The US government has not supported this line of technology, but a new administration in 2009 could change matters.

The clean coal matter shows that energy will continue to be a factor in relations between countries. We have started work on an article entitled “Stocks That Dominate Other Countries through Energy Imperatives”. Please bookmark this site to join us in a discussion on how energy stocks build durable business strengths through balances between global power blocks. You can also leave a post at our forum and ask for a custom alert when our piece is published.

Now it is your turn! What is your strategy for energy stocks? Are you willing to back alternative energy business at the risk of your capital? Have you lost out due to nationalization of US oil assets abroad? Do you think Washington is right in backing out of clean coal development? Start posting now!