A Futuristic Stock Market Innovation from Brazil

One matter, on which all stock market interests must be grateful to U.S. Presidents in bipartisan manner, is their staunch opposition to the Kyoto protocol. Yes, global warming is an issue for concern, but then can it score over our gains in the next quarter? We cannot get so carried away by knowledge business success stories so as to forget the brick and mortar contributions to our precious portfolios.

There are some stock market members which can simply not reduce their emissions. There are technological limits to saving the ozone layer, so it is futile to expect everyone to do the same thing. Each enterprise has its communities of stake holders, and we cannot simply take away earning rights of innocents on flimsy grounds.

Carbon trading is a business-like compromise which the stock market must support. It is a win-win situation, with incentives for those who can reduce emissions, and specified costs for those who are saddled with old ways of doing things. Carbon trading can ensure measurable reduction in environmental pollution, while enabling the continuity of industrial enterprises.

Every stock market authority should wonder why it could not think as the Brazilian government has. The romantic get away of Rio de Janeiro has proved that it is more than just a non-stop carnival by hosting an excellently administered carbon exchange. You can earn credits if you are in a position to implement new and cleaner technologies, and can budget and pay costs of continuing emissions, if you simply do not have the means to cut back.

Trust generous Rio to serve the world! The carbon exchange of this spirited metropolis is on the Internet, giving polluters and innovators from all over the world, equal opportunities to show case their competencies, and to find solutions to intractable problems at the same time. No one who is active on a stock market can afford to ignore the perils of global warming. The silver lining is that the ozone layer is truly global, so saving on emissions anywhere can help on a world-wide basis. Carbon trading is a business format of the future, and Brazil has shown everyone a way to make it work in real life.